Tips for safely transacting through Internet Banking : WisataBagus
Tips for safely transacting through Internet Banking : WisataBagus

Tips for safely transacting through Internet Banking : WisataBagus

Involving The Pan’s Call Center for Secure Transactions

Banin Bank is one of the  banks that offers a pan’s call center, always giving priority to the security of its customers’ transactions.   The call center from Panin is ready to serve you quickly and responsively at any time.

The greater the mobility of your transactions, the greater will be the risk of account security being breached. Now that many criminals don’t guarantee  your  account balance to the safety of TRN witnesses, it’s no secret.

The more sophisticated the technology is, the more sophisticated the crime in this world will be. Many people unknowingly steal their account balances by cyber criminals. This is obviously something that no one wants to experience. However, Pan’s customers are guaranteed the security of their transactions.

With Ban’s call center services, even if something unpleasant happens to its customers,  everything will be handled as much as possible.   For those of you who are not familiar with this bank’s call center services, we will introduce it to you.

Banin Bank Call Center Services

Like call centres owned by other banks, Banin Bank’s call centre also caters to all customer needs. Starting from complaint services when there are problems with the system, complaints about losing ATMs or credit cards, requests for closure of bank or ATM accounts, and so on.

The call centre of the bank can be contacted on 500678 number (PSTN), 021-2515555 (IDD), or 60678 (mobile phone). All three numbers can be fixed by using landlines or mobile phones and contacting them.

Tips for avoiding fraud through ATMs

So far, there is no denying the fact that there have been several fraud cases involving ATM users. Many of these scams occur because customers are highly deceived by the attractiveness of money offered by fraudsters.

However, the customer is first asked to transfer a certain amount of money first. After that, the deceiver will run away without a trace.   There are many other methods of fraud that you need to know.  For those of you who don’t want to get caught in the net, Bane’s Bank has tips to avoid it.

  1. Ignore sweepstakes SMS

The most common fraud method in the community starts with a small message containing a cash raffle. Then, you are asked to send a certain amount of money to the SMS sender.

If you receive such an SMS, it is better to ignore it because it is confirmed that it is a scam or you  can also contact The Pan’s call centre.

  1. ATM injected

The incident of an ATM being swallowed up is quite common, but it turns out that this case was actually used by some people to start their evil intentions. When you are experiencing  an incident like this,  you need to be vigilant when someone comes forward to help them contact Pan’s call center through their mobile phone.

It’s best for you  to contact the call center via  your own mobile phone and ask for card blogging and provide information on the location of the ATM machine.

  1. Suspicious objects in ATM machines

Before transacting on an ATM machine,  you  must first determine  that there are no strange objects around the machine, especially in the card reader section.  Contact the call center if you find strange objects around the ATM.

This is because many people deliberately store card-blocking devices. Therefore, your  ATM balance will automatically move to the balance of the culprit.

Tips for transacting using mobile banking

The use of mobile banking is now very widespread and is increasing day by day. This is because the facility acquired through m-banking can be very helpful in all types of transactions. Just like ATMs, mobile banking too has not escaped security threats.

However, Bane’s bank has tips on secure transactions using m-banking, namely:

  1. Downloading M-Banking Application from Panin Bank Official Sources

You can download through the PlayStore or The AppStore, but keep in mind that the development agency has to be from The Bank of The Bane. If it doesn’t come from Ban’s bank, you won’t try to use it because it’s too dangerous for fraud.

But if you’ve already downloaded,  you  can contact Pan’s call center to block your  account as soon  as possible.

  1. Using a secure internet network

When you want to open an m-banking app, it is highly recommended to use a private internet network and have a strong security system because if you don’t do so, your account will be more vulnerable to being hacked by  irresponsible  people.  Therefore, the use of public Wi-Fi is strongly encouraged.

  1. Change your PIN regularly

To strengthen the security of your M-Banking account, it is highly recommended to change your PIN number regularly. This is because someone might have guessed the PIN and done something harmful.

  1. Please contact the call center when you lose your phone

Since your  M-Banking account has a phone call, you need to contact the call center to block the M-Banking account.

Safe tips from phishing

The phishing crime is a terrible curse for account holders. The reason is that the offender will take all of our personal account data. From ID to PIN to recover your account balance.

Phishing can be done by the offender by creating a website that is very similar to the original website of the target bank. Sometimes, the origin of such a web is indistinguishable at a glance. Many people are cheated.   Here are tips to prevent you from enjoying phishing.

  1. Always enter the legal address of the bank. Although it has the same look, when viewed from the site address, it will definitely be different. For Panin Bank customers, make sure that the  site  you  enter
  2. Do not give information about your ID and PIN to anyone. These two things are entirely yours and confidential.
  3. If you experience Pishing, contact Panin’s call center immediately to block or charge a fee.
  4. Don’t click on links that contain sweepstakes and other methods of fraud.

Tips for safely transacting through Internet Banking

Apart from ATMs and mobile banking, internet banking is also very popular and has many users. This type of transaction has threats as well as other types of transactions. However, of course all of this can be avoided by doing the following transaction tips.

  1. Accessing Banin’s official website is the most important security key when going into the transaction.
  2. When accessing the site, make sure your browser is doing SSL encryption, which is marked by the appearance of a lock in the top bar. If there is no picture of the padlock, you should exit immediately, as it is very vulnerable to hacking your bank account.
  3. Before you sign in , you really need to identify whether the site you are entering is correct and open the cloning site.
  4. Using the firewall to protect the computer from hacker interference or cyber crimes.
  5. Never show or tell your ID and PIN to anyone else, even to your closest person.
  6. Install an antivirus to rule out the possibility of hacking or system damage caused by the virus. Contact The Pan’s call center when you are already infected with the virus  .

The security of all kinds of transactions is of course of utmost importance and there should be a guarantee from the bank. Therefore, The Bank of The Bank of the Bank is always available through Ban’s Call Center service to  help you.

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