Origins of the West Javanese Tofu Eggplant Stu Recipe : Jagad
Origins of the West Javanese Tofu Eggplant Stu Recipe : Jagad

Origins of the West Javanese Tofu Eggplant Stu Recipe : Jagad

Best West Javanese Tofu Eggplant Stew Recipe

Anyone who likes to cook, of course,  needs to know  the  recipe for west Java’s typical brinjal bean mus tofu|  Indonesia is one of those countries that has the wealth of the culinary world, especially the western part of Java|  Don’t forget that there are different types of food in the country from end to end|

From sabang to merauke tardapat delicious cuisine that can be enjoyed by all circles of society without exception try to get started early to find out the type of food | because the characteristics of each region are very unique and one of the most hungry culinary delights of traditional | is often called brinjal tofu stew|

It is considered that the recipe for the typical brinjal stew tofu in West Java is not known to many people, of course you have to understand from now on|   Being a typical West Java cuisine, however, it can compliment the taste buds of food tourism visitors|   Perhaps for you as one of the culinary tourism enthusiasts, you’ll be interested immediately after you experience it|

The taste is considered to be very unique and very tasty, which guarantees someone to be addicted to trying again immediately| Whenseen from the form and the beginning, it certainly may not be hungry, but if you feel it, it smells great | in fact, it is the most sought-after menu by the public when they come to the restaurant|

If you have to come straight to a restaurant, it | better to start trying quickly to understand the whole recipe because we will explain in detail how to cook properly from the beginning|  To know more, here is a complete discussion that is easy to understand|

Origins of the West Javanese Tofu Eggplant Stu Recipe

Stews are originally known as processed meats with a fairly tasty taste as they are made using a mixture of many ingredients| If you have tasted it directly, you can be sure that the spice taste has a sensibility|   Especially in Indonesia, it is rich in spices such as pecans, cinnamon, cloves, etc. along with many types of |

Giving a few select spices to the food can definitely make the sensation more volatile while being enjoyed| Moreover, and the cold atmosphere is sure to further increase the appetite and definitely want to try to keep itself going | stew is often present during Eid al-Fitr|

Before the West Javanese tofu brinjal stew recipe was invented, the history of stew in general  became very unique | how this uniqueness could be created because this type of food is the result of the fusion of many cultures within the country|  This is evidenced by the accrolleration that started from Indonesia, the Netherlands and China|

This tradition has been going on since time immemorial, as people often process meat|   Well, with time stew meat has now become a tradition that is used as a traditional local cuisine|   Then over time this recipe was developed by many people until there were many varieties of how to cook it, etc|

Being the only popular food that is timeless, of course, you need to understand the whole recipe from this moment as well| We will explain the whole way of cooking starting with the required ingredients| Just pay attention to the following points of discussion so that it will be easier to make features without going to the restaurant|

Full seasoning that  is easy to get

The use  of the West Javanese tofu brinjal stew recipe  uses only ingredients that are often found around the residence|   Perhaps when visiting the nearest market there is already a whole material out there that only pays without bothering to see | the main element that governs the above title is the presence of brinjal|

The use of brinjal is used as the first item needed to facilitate the above food making process| If you try for the first time, try not to use too much material to avoid the risk of throwing in vain. Then it is  enough to start by preparing four purple plants|

Then to follow the main recipe in the stew, it is definitely necessary to use beef in the most chewy part|  The presence of beef being the main ingredient from an early  age  should be made for taste| If you look at the above part, use only about 100 grams of beef.

Then  50 grams  of tofu is  also needed  as a supplement to the recipe for the typical brinjal stew tofu in West Java  |  Pay attention to the use of water because about 1,700 ml | required until it matures after the cooking process but the cooking oil is also not left behind as it is used for all seasoning cooking|

Seasoning to improve the taste of food

Entering the phase of preparing the seasoning, however,  try using the shawl without the white type  from now on  |  The spices need to be filled so that the taste created will be even better when the food is served later|  A total of 8 cloves,  then  use them completely to mash first before cooking|

Not only that, the use of red chili is also necessary to create spicy ones, but only to taste| If you don’t want to be too spicy, there’s no need to overdo it  if you can use a little chili| Also use half a teaspoon of nutmeg which is spiced up in fine grains so that it can be easily absorbed into the dish|

Rsep stew brinjal tofu is subsequently common in the form of only a substantial amount of extra pepper in the form of extra pepper, which is a quarter of a teaspoon|   Also add  up to ten teaspoons of sweet soy sauce to clarify the special sweetness of the stew  |  It is also necessary to use granulated sugar to add sweetness|

But salt is also needed as a plug so that the food will have a delicious taste when cooked later|  Then now we get into the way of making, where the beginning is to clean up the whole meat that has been cut into small pieces|  Boil the tofu, then drain it, then cut out the onions and hot chillies|

 Easy stew making process

Entering the production stage, however, the first step is to heat the cooking oil using hot stove fire| After  that, just put the shalot in a pan with red chili seasoning|   Wait a while until a delicious scent appears and a whip doesn’t turn into e latan, then put on the meat|

But before that, according to the recipe for West Javanese brinjal stew, so that the meat tastes more tender, it needs to be boiled first|  The meat needs to be boiled so that the soft level can be achieved quickly|  Then when the meat is placed, add pepper, nutmeg to the salt as per the taste|

While waiting for the mixing process to be delivered uniformly, you can shed the broth while stirring continuously| Pouring the broth after the spices are well mixed, after which it should be stirred again to mix|   Almost done,  pour a number of staple semps in the form of  brinjals and tofu as needed while cooking normal cooking|

You also need to pour out the sweet soy sauce for a more stirring taste, stirring k embali until it is evenly distributed  |  Wait for the gravy to boil until the temperature is above 100 degrees Celsius, then keep a little vinegar | stir again and this meal is ready to be served nicely to eat with the family|

Brinjal stew tofu has been completed using the steps of indonesia’s best chefs such as traditional regional communities| Knowing all the above explanations, it is certain that you can add insights to the world of cooking| Now the recipe for West Javanese Tofu brinjal stew can be tried on its own without being too much |

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