How to report crime problems to the regional police : Nomis
How to report crime problems to the regional police : Nomis

How to report crime problems to the regional police : Nomis

Get to know the latest units, teams and police chiefs in West Java


When discussing the regional police in West Java, it certainly cannot be separated from politeness in serving, but firm in eradicating injustice. This is due to the philosophy of the Sun-Danish people, where they are always close to nature, so they remain calm and calm. But when it is on guard, it is still respected by people because it is fixed.


At present, in fact, there is a new regional police chief as a replacement for the old one caused by a particular thing. We can discuss many things about the West Java Regional Police, including all the best units of their pride who are the most powerful, until there is a well-known patrol team, until it gets into Indonesian national television.


Who is the most recent police chief in West Java at this time?


If you don’t know who exactly is the head of the provincial police in West Java, then the answer is Irjen Ahmad Dofiri. He was actually singled out as a replacement for Irjen Rudy Suwahriadi, who was removed on the grounds that he did not comply with the latest health protocols. This is related to the return of one of the scholars to Indonesia.


The new police chief in West Java himself is still among the Cimahi people who grew up and received an education there. Irjen Ahmad Dofiri was born on June 4, 1967 and already has a wife and 3 children. This family became a moral booster for him to become the best policeman.


The beginning of Irjen Ahmad Dofiri’s career began even when he entered Tangerang police station in 2005, where he immediately occupied the post of Kassubag Jabpamentil SDM Police of the Republic of Indonesia. Then moved on to Bandung Police In 2007, at that time, he began to have many more important roles for his unit.


In addition, the new police chief of West Java has  actually entered Densus 88 as well, so we do not have to doubt its quality. Irjen Ahmad Dofiri has had a hand in securing the country against terrorism. Even wrote a book on the extermination of terrorist crimes, so it provides useful knowledge to society.


The writing of the book is based on the personal experience of Irjen Ahmad Dofiri, who was previously head of the Southeast Sulawesi Regional Police. The Sulawesi region itself is famous for being quite risky with regard to the world of terrorism, especially the Poso area and its surroundings. Therefore, Irjen Ahmad Dofiri dared to make a decision to join the struggle to eradicate it.


The best police unit in West Java Regional Pride


Currently in West Java it is the same as other areas where it is equipped with complete police units or units, one of which is DVI. This unit is tasked with identifying victims of natural disasters or crimes who have died. It is no different, that is, Inafis is responsible for fingerprints.


In addition, the west Jutland police chief also has a special role in the formation of beach and tourist police. Of course, as its name suggests, it will be responsible for safeguarding coastal areas and tourism. Especially often there are minor crimes such as theft or jambing. Another task is to help people who are lost or have lost track.


This is quite different from other units like the UN with a bigger task, which is when peacekeepers are sent to warlands. Therefore, it is an honour if one of the police members in West Java is elected as a UN officer. Even after returning home, they are often rewarded.


There is also Densus 88, which is tasked with eradicating all forms of terrorism in West Java and its environs. Of course, prevention preventive is the best option, as the device always does. Given that in Indonesia it is quite risky to be entered by terrorists, let alone hide under the guise of religion.


Next up are the K-9s, where they are really cool because they are equipped with dogs as officers. They are able to detect different kinds of important things such as corpses to drugs. Finally, there is a device that is no less cool, which runs where it is useful to ensure when there is a demo or a multitude of times.


Famous patrol team formed by West Java Regional Police


In addition to being famous for its units, it turns out that many areas of West Java have formed their own patrol teams for security purposes, one of which is the Jaguar Team. Jaguar itself was created and led by Iptu Winam Agus as a leader and proved to have managed to secure all kinds of community activities, especially in Depok and its surroundings.


This then certainly made the police chief  appreciate their ability to secure their area. We can see for ourselves that Jaguar is able to reduce crime through its actions on television programmes. Indonesians are also calmer if the police are always able to guard their territory so that there is no more street crime.


In particular, the extermination of motorcycle gangs is actually one of Jaguar’s goals, especially in South Jakarta. This is more or less the same as the Pradu Team in Bandung, whose original purpose was actually to eradicate motorcycle gangs. Moreover, Bandung risks a fight between gangs due to its many associations.


Moreover, Bandung is actually quite often violent for legalization, so so many parties join the Prabu team. Later, from the street crime unit to drugs from West Java regional police,  they cooperated. Another team, a Cobra from Bekasi, is in charge of maintaining security and order there.


Bekasi itself is still a big city and consists of many associations of organizations or motorcycle gangs. The result is to avoid terror for crime, fights and motorcycle gangs with the help of patrols. Here, the Cobra team is always able to patrol each night in sufficient numbers of personnel to suppress crimes that may occur.


How to report crime problems to the regional police


If you feel that you see or feel the crime on your own body, you can actually report it directly to the nearest police headquarters. This is the best step because usually even if they have reported to the call center and the patrol team in general should report officially to the office. So everything will be better taken care of.


Even so, for the initial action, in addition to reporting directly to the West Java regional police office, it can  now be contacted through other means such as call centers and social media. To contact the call center, just call 110. Of course, this number is always active 24 hours.


Calling this call center is also free, because it is a service for residents of the community. Later you can report everything, not only crimes, but accidents or citizen riots, especially related to fights or fights, it should disrupt order, so we must immediately solve it by calling the authorities.


In addition to the call center, contact with the office can be via social media, namely directly via the official Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account. But be aware that not all police units are equipped with their own social media. So, you need to know which account is genuine because there are often some fake accounts.


It is more advisable for you residents of West Java and its surroundings to always be ready to have the official call center or social media number. In addition, it enables you to contact related parties if a crime occurs that either you or others experience.


Seeing how serious they are in serving society, it is not surprising that in the future it can be an example for other regions. Especially in the direct service system such as the formation of patrol teams in different regions. Moreover, the regional police of West Java continue  to improve themselves so that they remain maximally present as friends of the people.

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