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Contact garnuhos with pat information : IndonesiaX

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GojeKe Ayo Kasri Calculation Garne BAGI Drybhar

Gozek has done the calculation? This question is often expressed in the way that the driver works. An online motorcycle tyxy driver hunu afema thulo magma hun thalyo. In Indonesia, there is a need for an online motorcycle taxi. However, Gojek has a growing popularity.

Kinbhane, Gozek Indonesia spread the first platform Theo. Gojekko yuga was really a matter of love for the company. The company was first founded in 2010. One of its founders is Nadim Makrim, the current Education Minister of Indonesia.

Now, Gojek Afema is a subsidiary of The First Year. With its full-fledged peerage, the company is confident of continuing its growth for the next year. It’s just like a dry, it’s perfect to do that. Gojek Ayi has a complete explanation for the question.

Stem pay paid by Gojek P. Thereis a driver

The system provided by Gojek can be beneficial for dry-hearted driving. When the driver is focused on attracting the passenger, the money received by him will be poured and lakhs of rupees per month will be wiped. The results are priced and varied in time for the first hour, peak and regular hours.

If you are going to know the work calculation, then every kilometer passed in the time of pick-up, then every kilometer passed in time will get an income of Rs 2.5 thousand. Whereas in normal times, the income will be only 2 thousand rupees per km passed. When a person is diligent, he can get 20 patakasam arders on his day.

Now, imagine if the arder is 5 km, it is 10 th in a regular time and 10 th in the peak hour. This means 12.5 thousand rupees in one ear full pick hour and 10 thousand annas of profit for an hour. Every ten feet of it.

In this case, he received 2 lakh 25 thousand books of food grains daily and 1 lakh 25 thousand rupees per hour. The driver will get a bonus of Rs 50,000 per day. They have 275,000 daily wages.

If he works for 30 days in a month, he will get 82 lakh 50 thousand rupees. This number is exactly the same if it can be continuous every day. So according to the rules, it is a matter of work. In the world of online motorcycle tyxico, there are often no conditions wherefeeding is quiet.

So according to Drybharau, they often have to open an account in the passenger’s account and continue to get a rest period. This is the state where the dry fruits will get profits in quantity.  It is definitely  calculated  .

If you are a dry drop, you are going to go to the village.

It is clear that one person with a drop of money is likely to be asked for Rs 80 lakh per month. Of course, this amount has been received. Only the employees of the company are waiting for the day.

Yes, the amount is based on the  question of the income of the gojek. With this, this amount has actually been certified by Drybharhu. The bonuses received by the open motorcycle tyaxi business are included in the attached. Please take note of the bonus.

The government interprets that the bonus is Rs 50,000 per day if you get an increase in 16 points. In fact, the bonus amount is more than that. A dry bonus will be given when he is working on various other things every day.

There is a difference in the amount. In short, you are just as hard-working as you are, so i will not make a big profit. Gozek  has got the answer to the question of the calculation of the amdani, all the needs of the amdani will be fulfilled.

So i’m looking at the safety of my eyes. One of the main points for this is the presence of insurance. With this, all kinds of unwanted problems can be resolved through insurance. Insurance is the owner of the company, Harulai Kista Tirnu Pardain.

Insurance includes deductions for every arderma driver. Those who make it have to pay 100 per cent of the interest paid for the driver’s insurance purpose. Any small company that provides insurance to its employees is definitely beneficial.

The two competitors have received the suggestions for the heat of the city.

When you ask a question  about this  calculation, all the people feel that the potential benefits are received. However, the potential benefits are with the awareness that tapais will have to be more competitive and other competitors. Gojekma, Arder Afema take the bidding system together.

This system will make the Ojolai Arder and other Ojolsang competition jarns. Generally speaking, as the first arder linch, the work of the arderma is the selection of the government. Yesale, there are suggestions so that other ozolsangs are not less competitive.

The first tip is to tapainsang and contain phonema. High specification phone maintenance goes viral. When the phone is high-specific, the chances of earning an earthquake increase. Kinbhane, ArderLinda Delai Zinc Poor Prospects Green Sana.

Allelementsofaforecastareacollectivejudgmentmaybehigherthanweassumedallthingsbeingequalthoughallthingsmaynotnecessarilybeequal. If the number of arders is less than that, of course, the amount of money received will decrease by four. As a suggestion, make sure the phone is available for 3GB of fuel. Also, sim card forg and sobhanda mathis will be used.

Ojolko Roopma Retingama Pani Meditation Day Nabirsnuhos. The high yield of the azole rating, the chances of getting profits in the amount of money are high. The first tip before increasing the rating lies in the readiness to get the order. The order was rejected by the city.

If you are in the past, there is no objection to it. However, I will reduce the number of arderharu received by the yasley arko. Along with yatruhrulai, the best service is provided by the governor. After the service use of the passenger, the service is easy to meditate on the days of the night.

Contact garnuhos with pat information

Let’s look at the  question  clearly. So if the question is there, if you are going to the official office and then to the official office, please pay attention to the general public, gojekong will serve the center tomorrow.

If the astringent gojek is in contact with him, it is certain that the person will lie. So there are confused and necessary things, gojek official offices are already available in various cities. Or you can use the direct chit facility in the application to make contact.

Gojekma samel hunu r bhag hunu be the right decision. There is a possibility of profit and development is constantly going on. Gosand, Gomsage, and Goatoco’s presence is available here. Yes, I’m going to do the job of the gojek.

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